10 habits of people who never gain weight

Don’t we all have that one friend who never puts on weight? It’s hard to not feel jealous of them because they aren’t always dieting, they never go to the gym, but somehow, they remain the same while you struggle to burn your fat away. While some people do not gain weight due to the nature of their body and fast metabolic rate, some people are just careful about their weight. Your friend might not be telling you how s/he are monitoring their weight. But if they have a totally healthy body, they’re probably following a healthy lifestyle too, right?

Diets and painful workouts will give you faster results but there is a very high possibility for you to get tempted to go back to square one after all the exhaustion. However, there’s one way you can maintain your weight without getting sick of it at all! Adopting a few healthy habits that will give you slow but steady results are what you need if you’re low on will power but you want to wear those skinny tops without showing off your food babies. Read on to know about these amazing habits that are actually doable.

Moderation Isn’t Always Key

Healthy choices will prevent you from gaining weight. There used to be a belief that if you ate any food in moderation, then that would be enough. However, recent studies now disproves this, showing how important healthy choices are regardless of the amount you put on your plate.

Consuming Water

Those who want to stop weight gain, understand that it is not only food intake that can contribute to this, but also liquid intake as well. Removing caffeine and sugars from drinks will greatly benefit you. Water is, without a doubt, the best drink you can have. If you keep this in mind, you will find it a lot easier to stop any weight gain from happening.

Consulting Your Doctor

While not gaining weight may be your ultimate goal, it is also vital that you ensure your overall health. This may also highlight reasons why you still haven’t lost weight, such as an under-active thyroid. By speaking with your doctor, you will be able to manage conditions and find ways to stop weight gain without jeopardizing your overall health.

Curbing Impulses

Impulses can affect all of us. This may involve shopping habits or spontaneous decisions. There is a connection between impulsive behavior and weight gain, as these urges may also affect a person’s ability to manage their eating and not binge. So, by monitoring your impulses in other areas of life, you may find it easier to keep eating under control and therefore stop the pounds from creeping on.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is good for the body as a whole. In combination with a healthy diet, you will find that exercise also helps you keep your figure. Stopping this can lead to an increase in body fat which may tip the scales more than they used to.

Understanding Good and Bad Weight

Sometimes people who exercise more become disheartened when they find they are still gaining weight. And while we feel, in modern society, that weight gain is bad, this is not necessarily true. If you are following an exercise regime you may find you have a slight amount of weight gain, but this may be because you are converting fat into muscle. 

Appreciating the Relapses

So, you’ve been eating healthy for months and then caved in and over indulged at your friend’s birthday. Then the scales show you’ve gained weight and you feel like giving up? But don’t do it! Those who understand weight loss will tell you that it’s human nature to mess up sometimes. As long as you continue on with what you were doing previously, any blips are really no big deal. So don’t beat yourself up, and certainly don’t give up!

Cut Out Sugar

Sugars are more likely to cause weight gain as they are dense in calories. So, to stop this, you may find it beneficial to eat more fruit (in moderation) as they contain natural sugars. This will be especially useful if you have a sweet tooth.

Stop Comparing

An important habit of those who don’t gain weight is that they don’t compare themselves to others. Everybody is different; genetics and metabolism can affect how much a person gains or loses weight, as well as how quickly. Focus on yourself, learn to love yourself, and stop idealizing others. That way you will both find your progress more rewarding and hopefully have a little self-appreciation and love along the way.

Getting Rest

It is a common misconception that activity is solely responsible for maintaining or losing weight. But it has been noted that rest and sleep are also vital in maintaining both physical and mental health. The basis of any good health regime depends on a good night’s sleep. So, definitely start here!

Losing weight is never the easiest, but by simply cutting out the bad habits and taking on new and good ones, you’re going to start seeing some great results soon!