If you are banana lover, read these 10 shocking facts (No. 6 is very important)

Bananas are well-known fruits that are commonly consumed on a regular basis throughout the world. They are abundant in vitamins and minerals and this is where their potent health benefits originate from. In today’s article we decided to share a list with some of the best advantages of making this delicious fruit a part of your daily diet.

Bananas fight Anemia

Bananas are rich in potassium which strengthens the blood and prevents and treats anemia.

Bananas fight Inflammation

The vitamin B6 which is found in bananas has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties when it comes to joint pain. It also stimulates white blood cell production, treats type 2 diabetes as well as supports the function of the nervous system.

Bananas Prevent Calcium Loss

Not only that they prevent the loss but they also improve the calcium absorption which makes the bones and teeth stronger.

Bananas Boost the Energy Levels

Bananas provide your body with the energy it needs, so make sure you eat 2 bananas before doing an energy-draining physical activity.

They Prevent Kidney Cancer
Bananas prevent kidney stones due to their support of calcium absorption; they also protect your eyes from macular degeneration.

Bananas help digestion
All the digestive issues can be solved by eating bananas since they are rich in dietary fiber. You can also treat constipation and regulate bowel movement by eating this fruit.

Bananas Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetics should consider eating more of this fruit because it can regulate blood sugar levels. Also, PSM symptoms and mood swings can be relieved by bananas.

Bananas make you smarter
The potassium that bananas contain improves brain function which has causes improvement of the cognitive and reasoning abilities.

Bananas prevent Heart Attack and Stroke
The potassium and sodium in bananas also reduce the risk of stroke or a heart attack.

Bananas treat Depression
Bananas are rich in tryptophan, a compound that turns into serotonin when consumed. Serotonin is a very potent neurotransmitter which can regulate the mood as well as treat depression

From the reasons explained above we can conclude that bananas truly are a miraculous fruit that has so many health benefits. To enjoy these benefits try to include more bananas in your diet, they really are a healthy and tasty treat.